Daniel Clatworthy
Known online as TheWhiteRose000
Is the man who created and runs Gamers-Haven most of the burden of running events, planning, contacting sponsors and setting up pledges falls mainly on him but it's okay he likes a challenge.

Although trained as a Computer Technician he use's his talents to help run the forum, website, all social media sites as well as be one of the few group YouTube creator.

Okay, I'm lazy I hate writing about myself so here is a link to my facebook page where you can read more about me as well as message me directly if you want too because I don't mind answering questions.


 Roni Rantaeskola

Known as Rupluttaja as he likes to be called is the groups animator and all around handy man. Besides that he is the only person really worth watching in our YouTube community. Although his skills as animating are amazing he also serves to help with planning for charity pledges as well as technical support if a issue arises that someone cannot figure out.