What we do at Gamers-Haven, is share our belief.
"That by doing what you enjoy, people can come together and become friends and by doing what you enjoy you ignore all negative views the world forces upon a person. Race, Color, Gender, and Religion doesn't matter."

The other things we do at Gamers-Haven is try to change the world by doing what we enjoy.
Whether it is running a charity cosplay cafe one day or planning a get together for communities to just sit around and watch anime with friends and talk.

 We also plan outreach programs to try and get the youth more interested in gaming by teaching them how to play tabletop games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! Magic the Gathering, or Pokemon. They can meet new friends as well as get into a wholesome activity that hopefully won't land them in a jail cell.

Besides all that we also Do charity gaming pledges

online to try and raise money for those less fortunate, although we aren't just limited to gaming, we aim to help those in need by calling on our friends and allies from around the world who share a passion the same as us.

Anime, Cosplay, & Gaming are just some of the mediums we use to help bring people together.
It is our dream that someday everyone can see that we are all human, that we are all equal and that we all can change the world whether it be playing a card game, or watching a anime we all find enjoyment in being who we are as well as  helping others.