When I was a child growing up in school like many others I was constantly bullied and picked on because I was different I didn't enjoy the things others enjoyed and so I found solace in other things. I found enjoyment in gaming. Games took up a lot of my time but it also helped me handle public schooling as I continued to grow up I began to enjoy games more and more than actual interaction with other people. Until one day I saw a anime playing on KidsWB Yu-Gi-Oh! The show that started me down a path that would forever alter how I viewed the world. I remember sitting watching the first episode that showed up it was called "Light at the end of the tunnel" Where the main protagonist Yugi spouted at his enemy named "Panik" You are the boogie man Panik scaring children into being afraid of the dark! Until they realize the dark is nothing to be afraid of. Like you Once a person conjures up the confidence not to be fearful of the unknown they disarm the only weapon the dark has!"

The show inspired me I was hooked, after that I learned that there was a real card game I could play to which end I decided to get into it. In the beginning I was horrible at it I was possibly the worst player out there but there were many kind hearted people to help teach me and guide me along to become a professional player. Back then we didn't use our real names but usernames we choose to represent us and in my very first tournament I somehow by a stroke of luck got into the finals where I dueled a girl that went by LadyAngelFire after the duel she accidentally showed me her hand without knowing it I realized the entire time she was going easy on me purposely throwing her game so that I could win and I did thanks to her kindness and selfless act I was able to win second place I never forgot that.

As time progressed I enjoyed dueling more and more I even dueled at my local church but as I was there people would constantly make fun of me, criticizing me and the game I played calling it the devils work. The cards are very satanic and so on and so forth my friends online who also played the game that I met thru Christian forums also told me of similar stories that happened to them years pass and I continued to duel and the Church goers continued to bash me calling me anything from "Satan's Helper" to "Sinner" then one day I met the person who helped me change the way I thought about dueling, about the world. My friend George.

I picked up rumors at my local town hang outs that there was a duelist who showed up at the Public Library who played a mean Ocean deck and I wanted to meet him.  Although I did meet him there I never found the Ocean duelist day after day we met and dueled and he never once beat me I began to teach him the things that others taught me calling him my apprentice we dueled in tournaments together and fought many strong opponents one of which was openly a Satanist and the other who is now one of my best friends who goes by the nickname Satan. As time progressed he challenged me more and more and even began coming to church to challenge me where one day he learned of Christ's Love and what he sacrificed for him after he got baptized he challenged me to a duel again and this time managed to win.  A short while after George told me he was going to be moving away but before he did we traded cards one last time. He handed me a Blue-Eyes White Dragon to which he told me he found it by the trash at the school he went too. An I handed to him my Red-Eyes Black Dragon after he left I thought long and hard thinking of all the good times we had together and soon after I was thrown out of the church I attended being dragged literally out by my collar and onto the street and told if I ever came back I would have the cops called on me.

I continued to think back to how George found the Blue-Eyes by the trash and how to the church I was considered trash and then it dawned on me. LadyAngelFire, the people I have met and dueled against the Satanist we never once attacked each other based on beliefs, we never once mocked each other based on the color of our skin or what gender we were instead we dueled and put our beliefs on the line and always had fun in dueling we became equals ignoring everything the world wanted us to see and instead accepting each other how we were.

It was this notion that founded the essence of Gamers-Haven that thru gaming we can ignore what the world wants you to see, and openly accept each other for who we are regardless of religion, gender, color or beliefs in general.

It is this belief that I duel by till this day.
I'm not that famous of a Duelist or one of the best but I believe that someday this message will echo thru the entire world and when it does the world will finally begin to change and for the better.

-Daniel Clatworthy-