Benjamin, Shona Erwin.

Are the heads of the MidnightTCG Forum.
In February 2004, Shona lost her grand mother to cancer.
Then recently at her church a child by the name of Kate Madigan in their local church was diagnosed with cancer Shona, got to talking with her husband Benjamin about how she wanted to help people, and they could use their forum to do so.

So MidnightTCG launched their own charity event.
Fight against Cancer, but was later renamed to Duel for a Cure as the name showed off what the community was about.

Benjamin running a gaming forum had the idea, that people could Duel, in a Tournament to help raise funds for Relay for Life, if you don't know what Dueling is, consult duelist sub-section Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, and if you don't know about relay for life then here is some info regarding that.

What Is Relay For Life?

In more than 5,200 communities and 20 countries, Relay For Life events comprise the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Each Relay For Life event is special to its community, but the movement's true power lies in the combined commitment of thousands of participants, volunteers, and supporters to help the American Cancer Society save lives from cancer.

his goal was to hold a tournament to bring duelists from around the world to help raise money to support the fight against cancer.
With the help of his community, family, friends, and internet personalities such as LittleKuriboh and the creator of DuelingNetwork he was able to raise over $200 and still going for the fight against cancer.
He has sense decided to make the duel for a cure a annual event event year.